Why Match?

MATCH® is the kind of product that is really going to change the way people eat, and might actually get omnivores to consider a vegan diet.


Dinner Party

This past weekend I threw my annual holiday dinner party for my colleagues - a highly carnivorous bunch of psychologists, lawyers, and their spouses. I always choose recipes containing meat products to keep them happy. This year the meat selections included sausage stuffed mushrooms and Greek moussaka. I used MATCH® sausage for the mushrooms and MATCH® beef for the moussaka. Both were completely fantastic, no one could tell the difference. One of my guests said that she would be vegan if she could have food like this every day. I consider this a testimony to your products as much as to my cooking.


Chef Cooking

Our chef makes a [MATCH®] sausage enchilada and a [MATCH®]

sausage and egg scramble breakfast burrito. The MATCH® crab gets

used mostly for crab cakes ... one customer likes them so much that

we have to call whenever we make them. The [MATCH®] beef went

into a beef and broccoli stir fry and beef stroganov. Keep the good

stuff coming... -Josie Duennes of Natureʼs Bin in Lakewood, Ohio

Thanksgiving Meal

We had a wonderful vegan Thanksgiving meal thanks to our MATCH® Meats Holiday Roast! We used a fresh sage and paprika spice rub, braised it and then roasted it. When it came out of the oven there was this beautiful bronze hue and a fabulous aroma to accompany it--slicing up beautifully! This was the perfect centerpiece to our traditional fare of potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green beans and cranberries. I can't thank you enough!


Surpassing all Vegan Products

I happened to be at Dierberg's yesterday and got samples of MATCH® chili and MATCH® mostaccioli. Both surpassed any vegan product I have ever tasted. Both of my children will not eat meat, which makes it difficult to cook for the family when my wife and I still eat meat (though not nearly as much as before they gave it up). I loved the taste and texture and speaking with Chef Freddie found out I can use it like regular meat in my recipes. I thank you for such a wonderful product and am looking forward to cooking for my family again.



My boyfriend and I switched over to a "Pescatarian" lifestyle over a year ago and have recently discovered MATCH® products at our local Whole Foods Store. I admire what you are doing and I only hope that more and more people get on board the MATCH® train. My boyfriend and I are doing our part to "spread the word."


Hamburgers Taste like Real Meat

We love your products. My husband and I are vegetarians, but my son is not. Your products allow us to make "meat" dishes for the whole family. We have had good luck converting regular recipes to meatless, including an amazing meatloaf and a hamburger that even my son's friends haven't recognized as not beef. We keep experimenting and come up with new dishes all of the time.


Friendly Support

I just wanted to send a huge message of support for the products you are creating! I've been using MATCH® since I found it in Dierberg's last spring. At the time I was vegetarian. Now that I've gone vegan, I'm amazed at the wonderful meals I can make for myself (and my "meatatarian" husband) with MATCH®. In particular, the crab cake and cornflake chicken recipes on your site are awesome! I can't wait to try more recipes. I hope distribution for MATCH® continues to grow and that it finds a customer base outside of the Midwest. I'm excited that my favorite vegan storefront Vegan Essentials will be carrying it soon, but I'm even happier that I can just run down to Dierberg's and stock up! As a Fenton, MO resident, I'm also incredibly proud that such an innovative product is being made so close to my house! Please keep up the good work! Thank you again!


Trick the Meat Eaters

I just tried MATCH® ground chicken and am floored at how delicious it is. You got the consistency and taste so close to real chicken that you could easily trick a meat-eater. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating it. I can't wait to try the other flavors!


The Alternative

The MATCH® breakfast sausage with soy milk makes the best vegan "sawmill" gravy! It's a shame that so many people aren't aware that there are alternatives to the normal, bleh vegetable protein. Whether for environmental, health, or ethics, I honestly believe if more people were aware that there is an alternative to meat that doesn't taste awful, more people would make the switch. Thanks again for all you do for my palate!


Water to Wine - The conversion

In this Lenten season my wife and I came across MATCH® quite by accident. We tried the beef first with hamburgers and were pleasantly surprised. This was followed by stuffed peppers, which were indistinguishable from meat. Now if MATCH® can change water into wine, I am ready to convert.

-G.P., MD

The Real Deal Burger

Trying to eat a healthy diet, I have a fair amount of experience with the meatless products available from area supermarkets. Perhaps it's needless to say, but what I call the DQ, or "deliciousness quotient", of these products varies widely. Through trial and error, I've found a few products I like and stick with them. I just tried one of your MATCH® burgers as prepared at the Bistro Grill of the new Schnuck's supermarket in Des Peres, Missouri. Plain and simple, I have never had a better meatless burger! Unbelievable that a meatless burger can taste so close to the real thing!


The Crab that won't make you Crabby

I had spoken to Allison Burgess, the owner and founder, of the MATCH® about her vision and what MATCH® was all about. She sees it as a way to get meat eaters to eat less meat, thereby saving animals' lives. And if my class is at all typical of most meat eaters, she's got a hit with her product, especially the MATCH® crab. All I did with it was form it into patties, sprinkled with a bit of Old Bay seasoning, and pan saute them in a bit of pure olive oil. I hope that Allison is successful in her quest because it will help people with their health, and benefit the planet. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, eating this kind of "crab" won't make you crabby.

-The Veggie Queen, Jill Nussinow