MATCH® is easy to cook with because it easily substitutes into any of your favorite recipes.

MATCH® cookS and tastes like traditional meat. As such, the characteristics of MATCH® are similar to that of ground meat: MATCH® Meats have a neutral flavor profile and are soft when uncooked and firm when cooked. 

MATCH® Meats should be kept cold prior to use. To thaw, put in the refrigerator or leave out at room temperature just 2-3 hours prior to cooking without allowing the food to come to room temperature. Speed thawing, such as defrosting in the microwave, is not recommended as it may compromise texture. 

Since MATCH® Meats are lean and do not contain any saturated fats, they should not be overcooked or they will dry out. Remember, the product isn't raw, so you're just cooking to temperature. Simply season and form MATCH® as desired and then cook to 150 degrees internal temperature. MATCH® Meats do not require any binders, hold well in sauce, and accept breading without egg or cream. Best of all, MATCH® Meats can be used in any recipe directly as a 1:1 substitution for traditional meat. 


Try some of our favorite recipes! If you've made a delicious meal using MATCH®, we'd love to hear about it. Please send us your recipes and we'll feature them on our website.

MATCH® Holiday Roast

MATCH® Meatloaf
MATCH® Chicken picatta
Spinach stuffed MATCH® CHICKEN